[:en]Dalmatia Islands: Pasman, Ugljan and Dugi Otok[:]

[:en]The first day consists of a bicycle tour to Zadar and the transfer by ferry to the island of Ugljan. We ride along the island and cross the bridge to the island of Pašman. We go to the island’s highest peak and visit its hidden bays, which are inaccessible to cars, but can only be visited by sailing boats, yachts and bikes. Lunch is organized in a tavern, and there is time for swimming. We take the ferry to Biograd, and a van back.

On the second day we take the boat to Sali, a place on the island of Dugi otok which is the island of peculiarities and contrast and is the largest island in the groups of Northern Dalmatian islands. We ride to visit the natural park of Telaščica and Lake Mir. After lunch, we continue to the beach called Sakarun, one of the top 20 beaches in the world. After swimming, we ride to the place called Božava where we are transferred by boat back to Zadar.

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