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Organization and management 

Of one or more activities in the areas of national parks and nature parks, listed under ‘Tours’, specifically tailored to your needs, physical abilities and desires. One tour can last from one to a couple of days. Or even half day if you just pass by…


Certified travel companions

With a considerable experience in the business, excellent knowledge of history, culture, customs and English language. Check our team experience under menu “about” on bottom of the page.


Accommodation organization

Whether it is camping, a hostel, private rooms or a hotel. We have reliable partners for each type of accommodation that guarantee quality and reliability. You can find out more about our partners under testmontials.


Transfer of
people and luggage

From the moment of your arrival, either by train, bus, and plane or by car. We will welcome  you and transport you to the desired destinations, which will be ultimately more acceptable than using public transport, taxi or car rental.


and drinks 

During our activities, provided exclusively by local producers and farmers, who take care of quality and originality and have environmental certifications. You will visit taverns, family restaurants and wine cellars, away from the urban hustle and bustle, in a pleasant natural environment so that your senses can adapt to the maximum pleasure…



During the tours all of our customers are covered with additional travel insurance because safety and satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority!




During our tours you will enjoy local food which is a combination of continental and Mediterranean cuisine. We wish to offer you original dishes – local specialities for each of the area we will visit and have a toast with one or more types of wines. Our partners are trusted restaurants and family farms. 



All our partners are acknowledged specialists in their businesses and are carefully selected to meet your needs.  For each of the restaurants and caterings we will visit, we can deliver publicly available users’ ratings on request. Wine makers who offer not only delicious drinks but also a pleasant atmosphere.